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THE Phillips Biometer

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The Phillips Biometer

One of the biggest challenges facing clinicians today is to find a biomechanical device that has good intra and intertester reliability. In a study done by Denise Freeman, D.P.M., M.S.E., Associate Professor of Podiatric Medicine, Des Moines University, College of Podiatric Medicine, Des Moines, Iowa, it was shown that the Phillips Biometer demonstrated a high degree of reliability and demonstrates a more accurate way to obtain subtalar joint measurements in the biomechanical exam.

The Phillips Biometer is designed to measure common biomechanical parameters of the lower extremity. These parameters are:

  1. the range of motion of the subtalar joint
  2. the midtarsal joint neutral position
  3. the range of motion of the ankle joint
  4. the hamstring length
  5. the range of motion of the hip in the transverse plan
  6. the malleolar torsion (which is a direct reflection of tibial torsion)
  7. the degree of tibial varum and rear foot varus, and the resultant pronation of the subtalar joint when the patient stands

While there are many other factors which may produce an abnormal gait pattern, deviations from the normal of these parameters produce a large number of the gait abnormalities.

The Phillips Biometer is one of the most sophisticated manual goniometers made. However, the examiner must realize that it is still a manual instrument. Thus, it is extremely important that the correct techniques be used to produce reliable and reproducible measurements.

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