"Combining state-of-the-art technology with quality hand craftsmanship"



State-Of-The-Art Technology

Ultrex podiatric Laboratory takes pride in offering the highest quality orthotics fabricated by utilizing the newest technology available. Ultrex is the only lab in Canada licensed for the patented computer numerically controlled (CNC) automated milling system which entitles Ultrex to direct mill orthotic shells. This system represents the most complete and sophisticated technology available and automates many highly skilled and labour-intensive manufacturing steps. The CNC methodology reproduces orders with 100% accuracy and has many other distinct advantages over traditional thermoforming such as:

By milling the shells, potential weakening problems associated with over heating of the polypropylene during the traditional thermoforming process are avoided. As a result, milled polypropylene shells are strong accurate and can be made smaller for hard fitting dress shoes. They are also less expensive to manufacture than when utilizing graphite or other thermoforming materials. CNC technology also allows for decreases in turn around, cast storage expenses and lab technician and labour costs.

Given these many advantages Ultrex is able to offer a top-quality product at a lower cost - while at the same time offering greater and expanded services. Practitioners utilizing this technology can usually expect a 5 - 7 day turn-around time for their orthotic orders.

For Practitioners preferring carbon fibre or the traditional positive mold and thermo-forming process, our lab is fully equipped to make quality orthotics the conventional way, although, the majority of our Doctors in most instances prefer the CNC milling system. Practitioners can generally expect a 10 - 12 day turn-around time for orthotics fabricated the conventional way.