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Satisfaction Guaranteed

When adjustments are required intrinsically (to shell or shells) or extrinsically (to coverings or soft accommodations) they will be provided by Ultrex Labs at NO CHARGE for up to 90 days from the original manufacturing date. When shell modifications are required where the shells must be remanufactured, this may be done over the phone and the defective pair can be sent back with the next order however, when coverings or soft accommodations are required, the orthotics must be shipped back immediately.

Ultrex Laboratory will unconditionally guarantee each polypropylene custom orthotic shell for life, providing the orthotic is worn by the patient for whom they are prescribed, worn in a normal fashion, and show no evidence of product abuse.

Top covers are not guaranteed as each patient's activity level and body chemistry are unique and may cause wear and material breakdown at different rates.

Refund Policy

When all attempts at resolving problems with the orthotics have been exhausted Ultrex will refund the amount of any device less administration fees. All devices must be returned for refund. All returned devices must be accompanied by a letter of explanation or an explanation may be given by phone. Ultrex will not be responsible for other charges incurred by patient or practitioner.